The Man Who Couldn’t Stop, Mini Review

The Man Who Couldn’t Stop by David Adam

5 of 5 stars

OCD is a disorder that is widely heard of, but very seldom known about. Many people think a strong desire for order and cleanliness are what defines OCD, but in reality it is much more than that. In order to cut through the misconceptions the author David Adam presents the real story of OCD. A story that he is suited to tell because he is afflicted by it. However, this in not just an OCD themed memoir, Adam puts his journalistic skills to work and unearths OCD as a disorder. He tells the stories, often tragic, of those who have suffered over the years, and he lets the reader know what it’s really like to live with the condition. He cites good science throughout the book and finally sheds light on a disorder that is all too often kept in the dark. This book is recommended for anyone who has an interest in psychology, or those who just want to know more about OCD.


Debriefing the President, Mini Review

Debriefing the President by John Nixon

4 out of 5 stars

Wow, where do you even start with this. This book is exactly what it says it will be, and the insights gleaned from the author are fascinating. While there’s no real bombshell revelations, there is a lot to digest here. Learning about who Saddam Hussein was as a person, tracking the complicated history of both Hussein and Iraq, and finally learning from an on-the-ground perspective exactly how useless the Iraq war was. This book gives a view to the actual human that Hussein was, without sympathizing with his cruelty. I listened to this book as an audiobook which was read by the author, I highly recommend this because the author’s voice lends a natural feel to the narrative.