Analyze This

Quotable Moments


The Star Wars Expanded Universe (EU, now known as Legends) has a lot of great stories, and many of the best novels were published during the 90’s, like Star Wars: X-Wing, Rogue Squadron by Micheal Stackpole. These books feature some great writing, like the following quotes:

“Let’s hope they train us well because Rogue Squadron is bound to be the tip of the spear the Alliance stabs into the heart of the Empire.” (Nawara Ven to Corran Horn, Ch. 6)

“Your target is to cut the heart out of the Rebellion. You will be the death of Rogue Squadron.” (Ysanne Isard to Kirtan Loor, Ch. 12)

I love how these passages mirror each other, each side is bent on the destruction of the other and both know that Rogue Squadron will be vital to their success.


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