Analyze This

Nice Touch


Micheal Stackpole has a nice habit of writing mirroring passages. In Star Wars: X-Wing, Rogue Squadron, he gives us this paragraph:

“Corran’s quad lasers shredded the Interceptor’s starboard wing and blew apart one of the twin ion engines. The other, operating at full power, sent the squint spinning away. Corran winced in sympathy with the pilot, then dove into the middle of the TIE formation.” (chapter 16)

and just a few chapters earlier this happen to Corran:

“The ion blast had knocked out his starboard sublight engines, leaving the pair on the port side of the ship operating at full power and without compensation. This put him into a flat out spin, with his stern chasing his nose, completely out of control.” (chapter 13)

Corran trying to get his ship under control is a big part of the chapter. Stackpole brings the event full circle by having the same thing happen to a TIE pilot at Corran’s hands, the parallels are a nice touch that serve to recall earlier events, and humanize Corran (and the TIE pilot) to the reader. The reader can anticipate how the TIE pilot will feel because they have just seen Corran deal with the same thing. It’s also a small bit of payback on Corran’s part, him doing to an Imperial pilot what an Imperial pilot had done to him just a few pages ago.


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