New Fanfiction

I’ve been working on a Star Wars: Rebels fanfiction for over a month now, and I finally finished the last edit tonight. The story focuses on Kanan learning to trust Hera in the early days of their relationship. I’ve really enjoyed the deep trust and mutual respect the characters in the show have for each other, and I wanted to write about how they got to that point. So, if you like Kanan and Hera, or enjoy Star Wars: Rebels fanfic, this story may just be for you.

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This Day, Sneak Peek


The following is an excerpt from my current Star Wars: Rebels fanfiction.

“Kanan was keenly aware that he had dropped his own blaster when he had used the Force against the speeder bike. He was also aware that he was out in the open, with no cover, and nothing to protect him.

Hera was suddenly between him and the soldiers.”

This story will be published shortly on both FanFiction.net and Archive of Our Own.





Analyze This

Stag and Doe


Here’s a thought: Snape’s patronus turning into a doe is a tacit agreement on his part that Lily and James were soul-mates.

There has been a lot of discussion about James, Lily and Snape. Their relationship dynamics are incredibly complicated and some people think Lily was stupid for picking a jerk like James over a longtime friend like Snape. But, did Snape think that? In the seventh book, Snape’s patronus takes the form of a doe because of his deep feelings for Lily. The doe represents Lily to Snape, just like Harry’s patronus represents his father who he looks to for protection. So, Snape images Lily as a doe, a creature she’s never otherwise connected with and James is connected to the stag, and the stag and the doe make a pair of soul-mates. Even Snape sees them that way.