4th Day of Lent | He Shall Purify


In Handel’s Messiah there is a song called And He Shall Purify

In the Hebrew Bible Levi and the descendants of Levi were the priests of the Israelites, acting as intermediaries between the people and God. When a priest was impure, however, it impeded the relationship between the Israelites and God; sometimes causing people to stray from their relationship with God to the point where they had abandoned Him altogether. But, God never abandons His people, He reaches out and purifies them. Once purified the “sons of Levi” can begin again, offering themselves wholeheartedly to God and healing the rupture that’s taken place between God and the people.

Lent is a time for purification. We can be purified easily, all we have to do is want it. Jesus Christ is ready to purify us, and once purified, we can renew and strengthen our relationship with Him. Purification isn’t a one time deal, but a continual offering of our heart to God for the touch of His grace and mercy. God will purify us, all we have to do is ask.




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