8th Day of Lent | Breath of God


Out here, in the spring, the wind blows constantly. It sweeps across the land driving out the leaves from last fall, and the hidden litter in the brush. It pours over the fields constantly, roaring through the countryside like a freight train. It is powerful and strong, and also enlivening. When you step outside you can smell it, the crisp edge and the cool warmth. The land is being awakened and given the breath of life.

In the Hebrew and the Greek of the Bible the word for “wind” and the word for “spirit” are the same. (This is why there are some variations in the translations of certain verses, take Genesis 1:2 for example) Understanding the link between spirit and wind can give rise to deeper meaning in our life. The world was created by God and is a testament to His life-giving goodness, the wind is His movement over the surface of the world, a movement that continually gives.

Out here, the rain will pour for days on end, and then the wind will come. The wind cleanses the land and raises it into wakefulness. The wind dries the flooded ground, it clears the air, and it warms the earth. The wind is not merely a meteorological fact, it is the life-force that purifies and readies. It is the breath of God that fills our bodies and makes us live.


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