21st Day of Lent | Saving Daylight


Daylight Savings time was implemented in the United States on the 12th of March, so just under two weeks ago. When the time is changed everyone struggles to reset their internal clocks and everyone loses more than an hour of sleep over the coming weeks. Every year when we spring forward there is grumbling about the time change and how it’s going to be dark in the morning again, yet, overall, many people look at Daylight Savings as the unofficial start of spring. It ushers in a new time and sets our minds towards the season to come.

The season of Lent can, at times, feel like Daylight Savings. A time where it is dark in the morning and everything feels discombobulated. Lent can even be a time when we wonder why we observe this antiquated ritual when we really just want to get on with our lives. We’d rather just skip ahead to the long summer days. We’d rather just skip ahead to Easter.

What we sometimes forget in our discomfort with the change of pace is that we don’t get to have the thing we want without a change, a sacrifice of our time, and a resetting of our internal lives. The summer days aren’t so long if we don’t spring forward, instead we would sleep through the extra light that summer brings. Similarly, without the season of Lent preceding it, Easter does not stand in contrast to our daily lives and can be overshadowed by the routine.

Easter and Daylight Savings are both about extending the light, but to gain the benefits from either there first must be some small discomfort.

the people who sit in darkness
    have seen a great light,
on those dwelling in a land overshadowed by death
    light has arisen.”

Matthew 4:16


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