22nd Day of Lent | A Meditation


Endeavour is one of my favourite shows, it is well written, cerebral and beautiful. It is also somewhat philosophical. There is a scene in the first season when the character of Morse asks aloud how someone can move on after something they love (in his case, music) has been tainted by evil. His mentor gives the following answer:


I think this answer is powerful. The season of Lent is a time to wrestle with the darkness, to decide what kind of power it has, and how much power you allow it in your own life. There is evil in this world and it must be resisted, but that is easier said than done. Here, Thursday gives Morse more than just some bland philosophy, he gives him a glimmer of hope. The strain of hope in those words are an anthem of defiance, an anthem of faith in the face of despair, an anthem that calls to the coming light.

Image credit goes to Stars Into Constellations on tumblr.


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