Star Wars: The Warrior Princess, Mini Review

Star Wars: The Warrior Princess by Micheal Stackpole

2 stars out of 5

This trade paperback collects the Warrior Princess storyline of the Rogue Squadron comic books.

This addition to the Star Wars graphic novel cannon is a dud. The comic should be interesting, Rogue Squadron has to save the day, a princess in disguise, a world threatened by war and political intrigue, yet in this story all of that amounts to an over-complicated yawn-fest. The story plods along and the writer seems completely unconcerned as to weather people are engaged in the plot or not. It’s a dull story all the way through, not even Wedge’s brief appearances can save it. Micheal Stackpole is given the author credit, but this story has none of the charm or action of his books. I think even the most devoted Star Wars fan could skip this book with no regrets.


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